Jill  Meier

Jill Meier

Jill Meier is president/editor of Brandon Valley Media Group, LLC, which is the parent company of the Brandon Valley Journal and the Brandon Valley Trader, a weekly newspaper and free shopper, and website, www.brandonvalleyjournal.com, located in Brandon, S.D.
This new media corporation was formed in May 2017, and its owners are people from the community who simply believed – and have backed – my dream to provide this community with the weekly newspaper and shopper they deserve to have. This dream was born out of the ending of my near 13-year stint as editor of the Brandon Valley Challenger, which is a Gannett publication. When the large media company instituted yet another staff reduction, my name went on the list this time.
I followed my determination to get back in the editor chair and started Brandon Valley Journal.