Roland  Murphy  Founder/Pres.Disability Chamber Commerce

Roland Murphy Founder/Pres.Disability Chamber Commerce

1. Military Veteran Retired 2. Department Of Defense Federal Recruiter 3. Employment Specialist Workforce Solutions 4. Senior Recruiter Higher Learning Institution 5. Business Developer Texas Veterans Commission 6. Business Developer Workforce Solutions 7. State of Texas Military Representative (Secretary of the Army) 8. Career Facilitator City Housing Authority 9. International Economic Development Analyst 10. Resource Expert (Disability resources, Childcare Programs,College Grants,Felony Bonding. 11. Inventor (RCSM) Roland Career Saturation Employment Method 12. Inventor (TEEMS) Target,Engage,Educate,Management System (copy written, trademarked, patent pending) 13. D.A.R.S Certified CRP Director (University North Texas) 14. D.A.R.S. Certified Job Coach ( University North Texas) 15 Bachelors Degree Health Care Administration 16.Masters Degree Public Administration