Charlie  Bell

Charlie Bell

Charlie attended Yavapai College for Gunsmithing 2006-2008 and graduated Most Outstanding Student He worked for McMillan Firearms Fall 2008- Spring 2012 and then for McMillan Machine Spring 2012- Fall 2013. He then attended Yavapai College for CNC machining engineering Fall 2011-Spring 2013 and taught Gunsmithing as Adjunct Faculty for Yavapai College Fall 2012-Spring 2013.
Charlie started Pure-Precision in the fall of 2013 with a passion for the firearms industry and American Manufacturing. He is a high-speed individual with way too much to say, just call and ask! He loves his wife and the Northwest, and spends as much time hunting, fishing, and camping as he can. If you are lucky enough to catch him sitting still, look for the crazy smirk, usually he's just had a crazy idea.