Dennis  Dunphy Co-Founder StickMobility

Dennis Dunphy Co-Founder StickMobility

Dennis has 18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, with the last 10 years being spent focusing on movement. The quality of movement is a significant key to overall health and fitness. His extensive background includes modalities in Functional Range Conditioning, Kettle bells, Olympic lifting, mace bells, Animal Flow, and much more.
Three years ago, with his partners Mitch Taylor, Neal Valera developed StickMobility as a way to help improve movement through a system approach utilizing a strong, flexible stick as a tool to access instant feedback. The system increases neuromuscular control, mobility, strength, and body awareness among other benefits. StickMobility is a movement made better through practical, self-regulating, self-limiting, and applicable to all demographics.
Once an avid collector of sport's memorabilia and comic books has been replaced by a desire to create memories and life experiences.