Brooks  Gibbs

Brooks Gibbs

Brooks sees the world we live in as our teacher. Simple examples in nature and life experience teach great lessons that when taken in bring Harmony, Peace and Joy to your experience. These lessons open your heart to know that there is always a path to follow; there is always an answer to be received; and there is always a friend and mentor to love and support you through the many transitions and challenges of life. He brings these Little Lessons of Life to you in simple and effective stories that teach principals of how to make the journey of life an experience of joy. Walk along with Brooks the path of joy in your journey and observe and learn from the world around you.
Brooks believes in “digging in” and working with you to turn challenges into triumphs. Brooks, through his “Gentle Soul and Healing Heart,” helps individuals to open their minds and thought processes by asking the right questions and encouraging them to find their own unique answers to the challenges they face.