Radhika  Cloudhary

Radhika Cloudhary

Since childhood, Radhika and her 2 sisters, have lived a natural chemical free life in India harnessing gifts from nature and incorporating this philosophy into their skincare and beauty regimes. Like a Yoga discipline, the products are designed in accordance with the principles of harmony and balance. SkinYoga is based on the premise that true skin care evolves in synergy with nature. Through each product, you can experience purity and luxury. The best way to maintain healthy glowing skin is with the help of Mother Nature which has been around since much before the invention of chemicals. Locating and sourcing only the finest ingredients using renewable sources. The products come in a completely dry form which ensures that the ingredients remain in their most pure active state and when ready for use simply activate with water, applying the mixture following the instructions on each product. SkinYoga won the CosmoProf Las Vegas 206 Trend Setter Award.