Marlowe  Allenbright

Marlowe Allenbright

In CA in 1978, “Margo” obtained her Life & Health Insurance license, began her chameleon career in the financial services industry and became a Certified Financial Planner. Her desire is to help her clients gain peace of mind. She guided them to understanding the basics for protecting themselves against potential risks and determining their goals for the future. In 1987 "Margo" reinvented herself and changed the name on her birth certificate and blossomed as Marlowe Allenbright, free from the baggage associated with her earlier incarnations. Today she’s still doing two things at once; she maintains her successful career in the health insurance industry, guiding those who “come of age” to choose their best path for Medicare choices. At the same time she is educating them to explore alternative systems for self-care that fit their life blueprint. Marlowe encourages, “Follow your life path, fulfill your heart’s desire, and leave a legacy of love.”