Daryl  Hill

Daryl Hill

It’s been the common theme through my whole life because I found myself never really fitting in with everyone else. Growing up kids would make fun of me because the questions I asked in class or just not fitting in with anyone else. People are scared of what they do not understand and like General Mathis said, “No better friend, no worse enemy” would be the theme for my life.
Charlie Persson the Football Head Coach of Jupiter High School described me to the Naval Academy Coach when he a came in to talk about what he thought of me as a player said, "Daryl is that guy nobody wants in practice because he only has one speed, but they all want him to show up Friday nights for the game."
You see the definition of war is two opposing wills facing off against each other and I found myself facing off quite often whether it was growing up on the playground, wrestling mat or football field, which would all prepare me for the battlefield.