J.M. Schuler

J.M. Schuler was been an award winning head writer for Alexander Haig’s World Business Review 2000 to 2004. He has hosted the vastly popular syndicated radio show ‘Your Money Matters’ sharing ideas with some of the biggest hitters in money management including Louis Navallier , the top people at Seligman Brothers in New York, and Ralph Bloch when he was with Raymond James. He is also a Telly award winner for his writing of a 2 hour documentary for the American Lung Association. Mr. Schuler has been one of the first analysts in the world to examine the dynamics of the mortgage industry in his highly acclaimed article: Low interest rate mortgages - are they too good to be true?, an article ahead of its time examining the same paper that has become toxic assets for banks. He now believes America is about to pay for its past sins as China refuses to fund a U.S. dollar headed toward zero and prices heading for the moon.