Dan  Seewald

Dan Seewald

Dan Seewald is a Senior Director, Global Team Leader within Pfizer’s World Wide Innovation Group and leads Core Innovation which includes Pfizer’s Dare to Try Innovation & Experimentation program. Dan’s professional background is a pastoral of traditional experiences, leading high performing marketing and market research teams, as well as non-traditional experiences, such as coaching high school wrestling and radio broadcasting. Dan has spent the past 20 years in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. He has been trained as a moderator, as well as an ideation facilitator, and has led hundreds of innovation and experimentation workshops across numerous categories, markets and organizations. Dan did his graduate studies (MBA) at New York University in Political Economy and Marketing and has a BS in Accounting from The College of New Jersey. Dan is also a certified creative problem solving (CPS) facilitator, Design Thinking (DT) Coach and a certified public accountant (CPA).