Princess  Chanelle

Princess Chanelle

My birthname is Princess Chanelle, and yes, I was born ridiculously fabulous! I was put on this planet to be a badass in business and in life...and so were you! I love inspiring other women to take control and live their dream life. I am an author, entrepreneur and coach located in beautiful San Diego, California. Despite my God-given name, life has not always been a fairytale. I have experienced both great success and great failure, and have learned how to transform my pain into power.
I started out as a serial entrepreneur and founded over a dozen start-ups. Today, I enjoy sharing my secrets to success in my books, blogs and vlogs. I have a passion for interviewing others who have turned failure into fortune, so be sure to watch for my new vids on YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. I love coaching women on the B-word...whether it's business, beauty, body, boys or just being a badass bitch! My style is tough love mixed with a great sense of humor.