Patricia  Florissi

Patricia Florissi

Patricia Florissi, Global CTO for Dell EMC Sales, holds a PhD in computer science from Columbia University and is a Distinguished Engineer. She graduated, as valedictorian, with an MBA from New York University's Stern Business School. Patricia leads research on Federated Analytics to orchestrate distributed computation across the edge, fog, private cloud, and multi-cloud, pushing computation as close as possible to the source of data, leveraging the principle of data locality at world wide scale, while preserving data privacy. Patricia is the creator, author and narrator of the educational video series EMC Big Ideas on emerging technologies and trends. These more than 20 videos ( have received over 750,000 views and are localized in 10 languages. Patricia is a passionate speaker on topics related to Big Data Analytics and innovation, and has also delivered a TEDx talk. Patricia has 20 patents issued and more than 20 patents pending.