Major Jas  Boothe

Major Jas Boothe

Major Jas Boothe, founder and President for Final Salute Inc. Jas is a Chicago Native, Disabled Army Veteran, Cancer Survivor,and Author who gave over 16 years of service to this great nation. In 2005, she was a single parent in the Army Reserves living in New Orleans. That spring, she learned she would soon be deploying to Iraq. During her mobilization, Boothe’s life was torn apart by two significant events. In August she lost everything she owned due to Hurricane Katrina. The very next month in September, she received a devastating diagnosis of cancer, and was now unable to deploy. Because of her illness, she was facing discharge from the military. But she needed complex full-time medical care, a job, and a place to live with her young son. When searching for what assistance might be available, she was told there were no existing programs for female Veterans with children and that she should explore welfare and social services as an option, just like every other single mother.