Dr. Lenn  Ditmanson

Dr. Lenn Ditmanson

Tucson's One of the most reputed Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ditmanson has an outstanding 32-year experience in its subject. He is working as a Doctor of Internal Medicine in Tucson, AZ. He is now working with Cope Community Services Inc in a group of other 25 Doctors. Dr. Leonard obtained its degree in Internal Medicine from Mayo Medical School in the year 1986. Doctor has been awarded more than 9 times for admirable work in Internal Medicine field. He is an affiliated MD in and many other Hospitals. He used to accept patients and appointments in the office under Cope Community Services Inc Health organization. He works with pregnant women who are addicted to substances and helps them with their substance treatment. He has worked at Cope Behavioral Health as the medical director. His specialties include Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine, as well as Opiate treatment. He is certified to administer suboxone treatment to help patients with their treatment.