Dr. Pamela  Douglas

Dr. Pamela Douglas

Pamela Douglas is an Australian doctor, lactation consultant, and researcher specialising in early life care http://www.pameladouglas.com.au/content/scientific. She is Medical Director of the non-profit Possums Clinic www.possumsonline.com
The Possums programs (also known as Neuroprotective Developmental Care or NDC) offer holistic care for mothers and babies.
The clinic’s new evidence-based approach to latch and positioning (‘fit and hold’) is available online at https://education.possumsonline.com/programs/gestalt-breastfeeding-online-program. The Possums Sleep Film, also online, is an innovative and effective approach to parent-baby sleep problems which supports breastfeeding, and does not leave babies to grizzle and cry.
More than 1000 health professionals have upskilled in NDC. Online certification is available.
Pam is running workshops for mothers and babies in Brooklyn, New York, in November 2017 https://education.possumsonline.com/events click ‘For Parents’