John Stirling  Kinross

John Stirling Kinross

John Stirling Kinross is not only an accomplished author; he’s the financial consultant that women, married or single, need on their side. With his extensive experience as a Forensic Accountant, and 20 years of testifying in divorce court under his belt, John Stirling Kinross is a great resource for helping women become financially proactive. Kinross began his career in the accounting field as a Certified Public Accountant. However, he wasn’t appeased by the mundane, everyday life of a CPA, so he utilized his accounting, auditing and investigative skills to become certified in the specialty known as Forensic Accounting. Armed with his specialized investigative skills, Kinross dove into the messy territory of divorce court. From his work investigating and reporting earnings and assets for numerous divorce cases, he started to notice a distinct pattern: the earning spouse always had the upper hand.