IronE  Singleton

IronE Singleton

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, IronE Singleton’s story embodies everything about the lives of many inner-city youth growing up in low-income housing projects. Fatherless and having lost his mother to HIV/AIDS when he was a senior in high school and watched his brother spend most of his life in Georgia’s prison system, IronE fought to have a different life. The “irony” of his story is that, while all the odds were stacked against him, IronE Singleton overcame his troubled childhood to attend the University of Georgia on academic and football scholarships. Singleton wrote, directed and performed a critically acclaimed One Man Stage production entitled Blindsided by the Walking Dead as well as his autobiography chronicling his life from poverty to fame. IronE is also a lyricist with his debut, 10 track album, Hip-Hopcrisy. His ambition is to encourage, inspire, and motivate us all towards positive change for the betterment of humanity.