Renee  Sands

Renee Sands

Renée Sands coaches patients, listeners, and clients on how to improve their well-being by teaching on the roots of disease. Renée is a certified life coach and RN with over 40 years of experience and has a genuine concern for people and their health. She delivers simple, straightforward, real-life solutions to deal with issues like stress, bitterness and fear which have medical correlations to cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Renée is world traveler who grew up in a military lifestyle in Europe and Africa. This rich history of cultural exposure affords her a unique worldview and insight into people from all walks of life. Her engaging personality led her naturally into nursing, coaching, medical missions, and even entrepreneurship. As a former radio personality, Renée reached listeners in 120 countries through stations, WINB and WTLN. She began Kingdom Meditation as a way to equip and educate clients on the spiritual root of disease so they can see positive changes in their lives.