Michael  Grimes

Michael Grimes

Michael fell in love with video production in 1973 at the age of 13. He knew since then that he wanted to work in television. Graduated from Columbia College in Hollywood, California in June of 1983 with a degree in communications specializing in TV direction and production. Worked in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany and the U.K. before starting a production company in his living room in Carson City, Nevada in 1994. He partnered with one of the original members of the Ampex team that invented the first video tape machine in 1956, Charlie Anderson. Anderson Grimes Melton started out as a local Northern Nevada production company and grew into a national commercial production company by 1998. At one point their work was being seen by over 200 million Americans every week. In 2006 Grimes sold the company and retired for 8 years. Realizing that he liked creating things Grimes bought the company back in 2014 and has been rebuilding it ever since.