Marcus  Marshall

Marcus Marshall

I started working at age 13 in the field of service at Sylmar Children’s Spastic Foundation as a patient care technician. At age 18 I worked as a Counselor in Psychiatrics at Chatsworth Health and Rehab Center. I also worked in sales and marketing gathering about 25 years experience in that field as well. I was derailed by my addiction and for about ten years. I was going in and out of jails and prisons, which makes me uniquely qualified to understand the difficulties of transitioning back into society. I started my recovery in early 2012 and found myself wanting to go back to my preferred profession – Patient Care. I worked at Cri-Help as a lead support technician, while attending the Addiction Studies Program at Pierce College, which helped prepare me for this vocation. Publishing Keys to Recovery Newspaper Inc. is giving me the opportunity to use my life experiences to help others. A bit more about me: I have a passion for God and for helping others to find their way to him.