Grant  Inglett

Grant Inglett

Grant is an avid outdoorsman, living between oceanic, mountain forest, and desert environments. He is an international award winning documentary feature filmmaker, surfer, yogi/yoga teacher, thai yoga therapist and author. Grant’s love for nature and life drives his passion and curiosity, sharing the sweet mystery of life. He is known to surf in playful spontaneous flow with wild bottlenose dolphins Down Under and ride up to 20 foot Northwest Winter Waves on the north shore of Kauai throughout the new millennium. His experience building and living in a treehouse while caring for two avocado old growth orchards revealed the mystical power of plants and their energy fields.
Grant is an ally and guide on the path of natural living and health practices. Learning and integrating the inner realm of bliss in one’s everyday life with grace, ease and elegant nourishment, thriving in the dreaming of supreme health and vitality!