Miguel  Castillo

Miguel Castillo

Miguel Castillo is an internationally recognized TEDx speaker, author, and NASA rocket scientist. His academic attainments span to the areas of Mechanical, Aeronautical, Materials Engineering, and Aviation. Through his involvement with NASA, Miguel has developed technologies to help make astronaut spacewalks safer. Some of his inventions are currently housed onboard the International Space Station. Miguel is among the small group of people who have undergone micro-gravity flight training, as well as having received training in core astronaut operations. Miguel is the current President of the Feng Shui Institute of Houston, lecturing at the world-renowned Jung Center of Houston, as well as at Rice University. As an academic, his research aims at understanding the connection between the mind and its creative power through systems like Nidra Yoga, hypnosis, and meditation. ,Miguel has devoted 18 years of this life to studying consciousness. www.drmiguelcastillo.com