Matt  Johnston

Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston is currently the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Indiegogo, having been in the same role at the recently-acquired Agency of Trillions. At Indiegogo, Matt leads the development of new tools and services for large enterprises and the "entrepreneurs" within them. Matt is also a senior innovation consultant and frequently leads large workshops for Indiegogo's clients and partners. As the Co-Founder and CSO at Kinetic Fin, the groundbreaking Social Design and Technology firm, Matt has led breakthrough program initiatives for companies like Ferrari, NASA, Mondelez, Cisco, and Facebook. Matt has helped launch dozens of social startups including Local Motors, the world's largest open-source car design company. Matt's work has been featured in academic case studies on Enterprise Gamification and Social Marketing, and Matt has lectured at Harvard Business School, Kauffman Center, and Babson College about Big Social Data and Collaborative Entrepreneurship.