Yusuf  Jazakallah

Yusuf Jazakallah

Yusuf Jazakallah is the Founder and Director of Recruitment, Smart Technologies, a startup in London focused on creating AI and Machine Learning solutions for HR. This is his third startup venture. Previously, he was involved in creating FinTech products like mobile wallet platforms, Stock Trading applications and also developed consulting businesses around a partnership model with SAP and Salesforce.com Having started his career in the corporate world working for companies like Ernst and Young, American Express and Lloyds Banking group, he brings a unique perspective on how large companies can collaborate with startups to bring disruptive technologies to the market. His start-up was featured as one of the top 20 Global Future creators of 2017 and shortlisted by Recruiter Magazine UK as a game changer technology solution in March 2017 issue. His comments on "how corporates can start innovating like startups" were featured on the TCS twitter channel at Slush 2017 event @Helsinki.