Art  Giser

Art Giser

Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP, is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, life coach, corporate consultant, teacher, psychic, & healer. Art’s gift is to help people develop their hidden abilities, discover how amazing they truly are, so that they have more fun, are healthier & more successful, and contribute more to the world. Art’s unique background: he is an NLP trainer, medical researcher; consultant to major corporations in leadership; 37 years of study and development in the fields of NLP, spirituality, life coaching, healing, & intuition development. He with a diverse group of amazing healers, intuitives, and spiritual leaders, and with all of the developers of NLP. Art is known for the joy, humor and compassion that he brings to his work; his ability to simplify complex ideas; and his magical ability to help people release old programming, emotions and limiting beliefs and tap into their Miraculous Self.