Crystal  Davis

Crystal Davis

For 20 years I was subjected to physical and emotional abuse. Even years after I was a shell of my former self. I was not only battered down physically but emotionally. I had lost my own identity. I lived in a constant state of fear. Fear that I was not good enough or that my life was in danger. I had lost all my confidence. I didn’t feel like I was living my own life. It was a far cry from being one of the top figure skaters in the US, skating and training with 4 Olympic Gold medalists, like I had earlier in life. As I reclaimed my life I realized how many other people had been through such similar situations but they were still stuck in fear. I realized through my own journey that this didn’t have to be the case. I hired a life and business coach. I began coaching and mentoring other trauma survivors to live healthier lives. Later, I used this information to help create successful businesses. And now I am here to give you the boost you need to reach your true potential.