Jack  Myers

Jack Myers

Jack Myers is a leading Media Ecologist, an Academy and Emmy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature, author of 4 books, executive producer of GE Focus Forward Films, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival Disruption Award. His honors include the George Foster Peabody Award, International Book Awards for Youth & Women Issues and a World Music Award. He considers himself a disruptor who has implemented a dozen innovative business models with companies diverse as General Motors, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Aegis Group, ABC Radio, CBS-TV, Turner and AT&T. Jack is founder and media ecologist for MediaVillage, which hosts and manages more than 60 corporate thought-leadership sites, all focusing on transformative innovation, leadership and growth. His NFP Jacaronda Foundation supports industry diversity and inclusion initiatives under the Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange brand. Jack studied Media Ecology at NYU with Dr. Neil Postman and is a graduate of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.