Larry  Masi

Larry Masi

Larry Masi is the Founder and CEO of QuantumCash and Co-Founder of Earning Social, two disruptive online cloud solutions. With vast experience in high-velocity real estate presales, through which he successfully sold out multi-million-dollar projects in a single day, Larry transitioned his marketing expertise to online ventures. He was the creator of the World’s First Virtual Mall, prior to the internet being available to the public. Larry is preparing to tackle one of the biggest financial problems facing the nation and the entire Millennial generation: The National Student Debt Crisis is a gargantuan problem of epic proportions. Mr. Masi maintains that by teaching young people how to earn passive residual income from social media, and providing them with a platform to do so, called, students will be able to cover their student loan payments when they graduate, thus overcoming The Student Debt Crisis one-student-at-a-time.