Krista  Wickens

Krista Wickens

As businesswomen go, Krista Wickens is more of an Amelia Earhart, than a Meg Whitman. She has developed products and programs for some of the biggest brands in fitness, including Reebok, Gold’s Gym and NordicTrack. The athlete and Montana native didn't create treadmills or balance products, but her innovations have fueled a canine fitness and conditioning movement since 2007 when she founded PetZen® Products. For instance, Wickens developed the industry’s first dog-specific treadmill (DogTread®) and training program for the consumer market, an exercise compression vest for dogs (K9FITvest®) that did not shift during movement, and a bone-shaped balance device (K9FITbone™) that promotes proper form. She went on to develop and produce the first University Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) program, founded National Canine Fitness Day (April) and developed several new products for FitPAWS.