Radio Episodes
4/10/2017 life-after-life-positive-media

Life after Life/ Positive Media

The Patricia Raskin Show
In the first half hour Patricia interviews Dr. Raymond Moody, world renowned scholar, researcher, medical doctor, and -- most notably -- the leading authority on the Near-Death Experience (NDE). Listen Now

10/7/2016 chapter-one-defining-your-message

Chapter One: Defining Your Message

Finding Your Frequency
Finding Your Frequency may be a catchy name however it’s the culmination of 25 years in the radio industry and for current or aspiring talk radio talent it’s a step by step manual on how to create and grow as a talk radio personality. This week Jeffrey Spenard, Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Ryan Treasure, Vice President of Broadcast Operations will present Chapter 1 of the book titled Defining Your Message. Listen Now

1/28/2016 positive-aging-with-passion-and-vigor

Positive Aging with Passion and Vigor!

Straight Talk with Sandra Reich
Powerhouse- superstar radio host Patricia Raskin joins Sandra to discuss positive aging with passion and vigor, living your dreams at any age and finding your true calling. Listen Now