Nick  Milton

Nick Milton

Nick Milton is director and co-founder of Knoco Ltd ( with over 25 years experience in Knowledge Management. Nick has been helped develop and deliver KM strategies, implementation plans and services in a wide range of different organizations around the globe. He has a particular interest in Lessons Learned programs, and has managed major lessons capture programs, particularly in the area of mergers and acquisitions, and high technology engineering. Prior to founding Knoco, Nick is the author/co-author of multiple books. A couple of titles include The Knowledge Manager’s handbook, Designing a Successful Knowledge Management Strategy and The Lessons Learned handbook. Nick presents and many global conferences and seminars. In 2007 he was awarded “Lecturer of the year” from Chalmers University. He is a member of the ISO working group currently developing a KM standard. Nick can be found on Twitter (@nickknoco) and at