Suzy  Gruzen

Suzy Gruzen

Suzy Gruzen, CCT (Certified Crystal Therapist), R.M. (Reiki Master) and an Associate Certified Pranic Healer. I am the owner of The Vibrational Healing Therapies Place. In addition, I incorporate Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy in my healing sessions. In 1994 I met Patricia “Asheme” Bankins, world-renowned Crystal Therapist/teacher, Reiki Master/teacher, Shaman and certified Past Life & Regression Integration Therapist. My healthcare practitioners told me about “sweeping” the aura of dirty and congested energy and she asked me if she could “sweep” me. After I found it to be so profound that I absolutely had to learn this technique. She introduced me to Ellen Morano in 2012, whom I learned my Pranic Healing Level 1. In 2013 I met Master Stephen Co., a direct disciple of GrandMaster Choi Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing. I began my study course which led me to become an Associate Certified Pranic Healer.