Tamara  Effron

Tamara Effron

Tamara's path was to be an actress, but along the way she found an AIDS hospice through her science of mind minister. Tamara was the bereavement counselor, assistant director, and temporary director of a 21 bed hospice in South Central LA. She founded Tanya's Children, a non profit agency to help children whom were orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.
After having her children, she went on to became a La Leche League leader, and a Quality Parenting Instructor. The ride of motherhood was a great one and she was guided by a strong tribe of families in the homeschooling movement. After homeschooling her children, it was time to help them get into college (yes homeschooled kids go to college).
She is now supporting others into homeschool education, from homeschool to college, through the Dakota Academy. Tamara supports us to teach our children what matters in life. And what matters to them. To take the journey because you will never regret it.