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10/17/2018 on-finding-and-living-from-purpose

On Finding and Living from Purpose

Working on Purpose
At a fundamental level, people across the world over crave connection to others and to a meaning and sphere larger than themselves often manifested in their spirituality. A significant number of them are in various stages of discovering their own unique purpose that can they can translate into meaningful work. Listen Now

5/4/2018 go-the-extra-mile-with-shawn-anderson

Go The Extra Mile with Shawn Anderson

The Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper - Be More. Achieve More
What could you achieve if you took every opportunity to go the extra mile? If you are a business owner or leader how could this philosophy if adopted within your business transform you results? Listen Now

3/23/2018 being-inspired

Being Inspired

Out of the Comfort Zone
If you want to be inspired to achieve more than you can imagine, to conquer your own fear about taking action or to attempt to inspire others, this show is for you. Listen Now

2/15/2018 the-beauty-of-going-the-extra-mile

The BEaUty of Going the Extra Mile

BEaUtiful Brands Inside and Out
What does it mean to go the extra mile? We all claim to want an amazing and BEaUtiful life but are willing to add that extra something to improve our lives, personally and professionally? Listen Now

9/27/2017 would-you-like-to-live-your-best-life

Would You Like to Live Your Best Life?

Working on Purpose
Are you living your best life? Of course, none of us aspire to live a mediocre life, but still, why do so many end up working at jobs they hate or choose relationships that are unedifying and unsupportive? Listen Now

3/28/2017 the-gift-of-thinking

The Gift of Thinking

Express Yourself!
“Thinking; the talking of the soul with itself.” ― Plato Odyssey of the Mind is an international, creative problem-solving competition. Listen Now

2/13/2017 motivate-your-dreams

Motivate Your Dreams

Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive
“Believe in your dreams! Believe in what you can accomplish when you set your determination in motion!” -Shawn Anderson. Listen Now

7/7/2016 the-extra-mile-man-

The -Extra Mile Man-

The Self Improvement Show
Shawn Anderson just came back from a trip—not your ordinary trip. He walked 750 miles around a island in Japan. Why? Listen Now

5/30/2013 overcoming-lifes-chaos

Overcoming Life's Chaos

The Self Improvement Show
Shawn Anderson has as his purpose to "Empower 1,000,000 people to lead a more positive and purposeful existence. Listen Now