Mike  Murphy

Mike Murphy

MIKE MURPHY wrote Love Unfiltered, a Wall Street Journal bestseller. His mission is to share exactly how he has been able to co-create a life of freedom, abundance, purpose and love. He is the president and owner of Volkswagen Oakland and founder of the Love from Margot Foundation, which he established to honor his late wife. The foundation supports low-income women experiencing advanced cancer with emergency funds, education and resources needed for recovery. He is also the founder of Mountains of Hope, a transformational retreat center in Colombia, South America dedicated to delivering cutting-edge healing modalities to those who suffer from cancer, addiction and disconnectedness from life. He is also the creator of The Creation Frequency Online course dedicated to teaching people how to create the life of their dreams. For more about Mike and to view his interview with Larry King please visit:http://mikemurphyunfiltered.com/