Austin  Huang

Austin Huang

Grew up in China and then moved to the US in the 1980s, Dr. Austin Huang is the founder of Merit Engineering Inc, a Geologist, a well-respected expert in the field of Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering in Civil Engineering, a Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineering, and a Diplomate of Geotechnical Engineering, Academy of GeoProfessionals. He has earned numerous awards in his professional life and has invented a gravity compensated Erosion Control Module System to protect shore from erosion, which was rated #1 in technical aspect among many competitors nationwide. He has served as technical paper peer reviewer for International Journal of Rock Mechanics and ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, and as Adjunct Faculty Member at Western Washington University. Besides his profession life in engineering, Dr. Huang is a musician and a music composer. He holds a PH. D from University of Wisconsin Madison in Geological Engineering.