Dr. Peter  Stephenson

Dr. Peter Stephenson

Dr. Peter Stephenson is a cyber criminologist and researcher. He spends his time in retirement specializing in cyber threat analysis, cyber criminology, and cyber jurisprudence. He has lectured extensively on digital investigation and has written, edited or contributed to over 20 books as well as several hundred articles and peer-reviewed papers in major national and international trade, technical and scientific publications.
Dr. Stephenson’s career spans 53 years and he has lectured or consulted for the past 45. He obtained a PhD at Oxford Brookes University, UK focusing on structured investigation of digital incidents in complex computing environments. He holds a MA (cum laude) in diplomacy with a concentration in terrorism and currently is pursuing a PhD in law focusing on cyber jurisprudence at Leicester University Law School, UK. His web site is https://DrPeterStephenson.org.