Se Hwang  Kim

Se Hwang Kim

Se Hwang Kim has been playing electric guitar for over 20 years and has been an originator in the world of KPOP, scoring hits and 17 albums! Contributing to over 2,000 works of music for both commercial and artistic expression, Se Hwang Kim is known the world over for his unique and heartfelt electric guitar playing.
Unlike any other electric guitarist, Se Hwang Kim cemented a place in history by playing to over 1.2 million South Korean people, influencing a monumental shift in government. Using his artistry and profound skill on electric guitar, Se Hwang Kim, saw change from his contribution.
Noted accomplishments: Pop/ROCK Star for 20 yrs in Korea 1st Rock Walk of Fame(as KPOP artist) Band Member of N.E.X.T. 5th (ever) Dr. of Music in Performance by MI Awarded by Ministry of Culture Gaming credits: Nexon, NC SOFT Head Professor at Hanyang University Conservatory Lectured at Hyundai Motor Company for Emotional Quality Enhancement Project Face of Gibson Guitars