Brad  Lucas

Brad Lucas

Brad Lucas is co-owner and Managing Partner of Hygeia Global which is focused on implementing healthy cleaning programs. He pioneered the first “chemical free” cleaning program at the Excalibur Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas in 2009. Since then, Hygeia Global has expanded into Europe and Southeast Asia.
Brad is an instructor at the Las Vegas Culinary Academy which trains porters and custodians on healthy cleaning practices. He is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Hauler Agent Buying group- an organization which helps portable sanitation operators source products.
Brad has been in the commercial cleaning industry since 1985 where he has held senior management positions with leading manufacturers like Rubbermaid and Toter. Through Hygeia Global, he is now focused primarily on educating consumers and businesses on electrochemistry.
Brad has a BA from Temple University and a MA from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.