Teresa  Alsech

Teresa Alsech

Teresa is an author and “life-winning” cancer fighter. Her mission is to empower you to unlock your BRAVE by being resilient, intentional, and courageous in the midst of life’s adversities. Her battles with cancer and loss and her walk through the aftermath revealed keys to finding perfection in imperfection.
In her book, Broken to Brave: Finding Freedom from the Unlived Life, Teresa walks readers through her private journey and reveals the greatest key to surviving was finding her faith, understanding God’s love, and accepting His blessing.
Teresa currently serves as a special education regional administrator. She partners with organizations to promote a growth mindset and improve education and mental/emotional health models for students.
Teresa is a John Maxwell Team coach, speaker, and trainer, and founding member of With Eyes Wide Open, a women’s group focused on exploring worldly issues from the Christian lens.