Marjorie  McKinnon

Marjorie McKinnon

Marjorie had buried all memories of childhood sexual abuse. At the age of 18, after a beating by her father that almost killed her, she ran away from home. Married to 2 alcoholics in a row, twice she was hospitalized in a Psychiatric Ward for failed suicide attempts. The severity of the abuse memories began to surface in her 3rd marriage during her mid-40s, when she began her recovery, which inspired documenting her experiences. Ridding herself of her last abuser and completing recovery, Ms.McKinnon spent 3 years developing a program on recovery from childhood sexual abuse. She titled that book, REPAIR: A Program for Recovery from Incest & Childhood Sexual Abuse (Loving Healing Press in 2008) followed by Repair For Kids, Repair For Toddlers, Repair For Teens & The Repair Your Life Workbook. Marjorie is the Founder of The Lamplighter Movement, an international movement for recovery from incest and child sexual abuse with 77 chapters in ten countries.