Melanie  Anderson

Melanie Anderson

Melanie Anderson was born & raised in Memphis, TN in a single-parent home. Childhood had many challenges yet Melanie still dreamed of being on TV. These dreams slipped away when she found herself pregnant at age 15 and having her 2nd child at age 19. Later she married, had her 3rd child, was working and studying full time when her husband left.The weight of adversity was compounded by the diagnosis of lupus in 2011. She thought this would be the death of her. Eventually, she chose to take control of her life. Melanie states Lupus saved her because it ignited her to be bold, brave, and gave her the courage to follow her childhood dreams of becoming an actress. Beyond this, Melanie is also the CEO of Actors Resource 101 & Better Billing Consultants, has been featured on BET, TV One,, Fox 13, and Salon Digest magazine and is co-author of Open Your G.I.F.T.S. From defeated to triumphant..... Melanie began to create her life and LIVE it... not simply Exist in it!