Estelle  Daniels

Estelle Daniels

Estelle Daniels is the author of Astrologickal Magick (Weiser, 1995), a guide to timing your life using astrology, and co-author of Pocket Guide to Wicca (Crossing Press, 1998) and Essential Wicca (Crossing Press, 2001), books on the religion and practice of Wicca, written with her late spouse, Paul Tuitean. She also wrote Tarot Lore and Other B.S. (Jester Studio Press, 2014), Breaking the Rules Tarot: The Book of Interpretations (Jester Studio Press, 2016), and Practical Tylering: A Field Magick Manual (Jester Studio Press, 2017). She co-designed Breaking the Rules Tarot Deck with Peggy McDowell (Jester Studio Press, 2016).