Dr. Ruth  Anderson

Dr. Ruth Anderson

Dr. Ruth Anderson is a lifelong student, teacher, and award-winning author. Retired after a satisfying and worthwhile career in special education and public school administration, Ruth embraced her second calling, that of an intuitive reader and healer. After becoming a Reverend of the Church of Inner Light, she was given a ministry to witness and participate in the healing of souls with and without bodies in the ethereal realm called Open Clinic. Ruth serves as a conduit for the Spiritual Divinity and shares their teachings in an authentic way and open manner. Author of One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic and Walking with Spirit: Divine Illuminations on Life, Death and Beyond, Ruth is passionate about sharing her experiences with the Spiritual Divinity and energetic concepts. She hosts a weekly radio show, "Walking with Spirit" on International Angels Network which is available on Blogtalk Radio. You can find Dr. Anderson at http://www.theministryonline.org.