April  Alexander

April Alexander

I am a coach, mother, and Faith-loving friend to all my sisters. I help women boldly walk through the tragedies holding them from the life they pray for, show them how to overcome past pains and footholds, for the grace and power that transitions life to thriving, growing, and full of abundance.
My childhood fell short of happiness and playful joy. Having been molested at the age 6, I found myself in a very dark hole. As the darkness progressed, doing the only thing I knew, I turned inward. This lead to the development of a learning disability which resulted from childhood trauma. Something in me began to fight and do what I could to stop the progression of sin, tragedy, and darkness.
I learned that hard work got me far, but poor decisions and an unguided life landed me in a marriage that turned both physically and mentally abusive. Then, I stepped out of the destruction and pain and into the arms of our loving Savior.
Join me on a journey through pain to overcoming joy.