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9/20/2018 ask-the-sexpert-with-susan-bratton

Ask the Sexpert with Susan Bratton

Healthy View Radio
This week we?ll be taking Healthy View Radio into the bedroom for some sexual health advice with someone who is considered the ?Dear Abby of Sex,? Susan Bratton. Listen Now

9/15/2018 smarter-sex

Smarter Sex

Done Being Single
If you want to be a genius in the sack, you gotta get smart. Master the moves, know the techniques, learn best practices, and get on top of what works and what doesn't. Listen Now

5/16/2018 sex-love-and-more

Sex, Love and More...

The Forbes Factor - Your Secret to health, wealth & happiness!
Your network is your network and relationships are the building blocks to everything! But how is YOUR relationship at home, behind closed doors? Listen Now

12/14/2017 be-a-better-lover


The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David
We all want to be loved and we all want to be good lovers. But how do we get there? Listen Now

2/19/2014 seduction-and-erotic-escalation

Seduction and Erotic Escalation

Extatica: The Way to an Erotic, Ecstatic Love Life
Susan Bratton,Personal Life Media, Seduction techniques, Heart-centered sex, Revive Her Drive, Shame-free sexuality, Listen Now