Leslie  Ann

Leslie Ann

Have you ever found your destiny by accident? Well, that happened to Leslie Ann. Leslie Ann has always had a passion for helping people, whether it was being a paramedic, a security manager for various Las Vegas resorts, and now as an emotional wellness coach. Out of a struggle building a growth relationship with one of her clients, Leslie Ann gave it one last attempt and took her client out on a hike. OMG, this was it! Her client was able to finally surrender and release the demons that were holding her back. With the magic from this hiking adventure, Leslie Ann decided to take more and more of her clients out on coaching hikes, which developed into her signature coaching program called HIKES HEAL!
Out of that struggle, Leslie Ann has found a way to combine all her experiential knowledge as a first responder, nature adventurer and coach with a dose of her imaginative flair to provide an amazingly awesome action based coaching program, HIKES HEAL!