Bill  Ivey, Executive Director

Bill Ivey, Executive Director

Originally from Minnesota, Bill Ivey is a retired Infantryman who served 31 years in the U. S. Army, mostly in light, airborne and ranger units. He commanded units from platoon through brigade, and served on several joint and Army staffs, including chief of staff of 8th Army in Korea and as a deputy task force commander in Iraq.Following his retirement from the Army, he joined the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, a unique unit that combined retired senior military with senior active duty personnel to embed with and advise units in Iraq and Afghanistan. His 7 years there as an operational advisor took him back to Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Bill joined Homes for Our Troops as its executive director in January, 2014. Bill resides in Georgia with his wife Debbie. They have two daughters, Heather, a mechanical engineer, and Kelly, an Army MEDEVAC pilot.