Jennevieve  Ybarra

Jennevieve Ybarra

I am a love, sexuality, and life coach, passionate about helping women live anembodied life of pleasure, purpose, love, confidence and vitality. My desire is to teach you to create from your Sacred Feminine Power & Energy in a sustainable, joyful way in order to have what you want in your life. I work with women who feel that love has eluded them, who want deeper love, intimacy and connection, those who suffer from exhaustion, low libido, or difficulties with orgasms, women who know that there is more to their love and intimacy than they have experienced, and those who want to live their purpose.
By accessing the FULL range of who you are, you will transform limiting beliefs, fear, and trauma and cultivate sovereignty, self-trust, self-love and a profound sense of inner security and confidence that nourishes you throughout your life. You can find Jennevieve at