William B  Grant, PhD

William B Grant, PhD

William B. Grant has his Ph.D. in physics and had a 30-year career in atmospheric sciences with an emphasis on laser remote sensing of atmospheric constituents such as ozone and aerosols, with positions at SRI International, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology and NASA Langley Research Center. He turned to health research in 1996, publishing the first paper linking diet to risk of Alzheimer’s disease in 1997, followed by studies of sugar, fat and coronary heart disease, and animal products and cancer risk. In 1999 he turned his attention to the role of solar ultraviolet-B exposure in reducing risk of many types of cancer through production of vitamin D. He formed the nonprofit organization Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center (www.sunarc.org), where he studies the role of solar UVB exposure and vitamin D in reducing risk of cancer and many other types of disease. He has about 300 health publications many on vitamin D.